About Calcium

Davey Faherty

Davey Faherty on LinkedIn

Davey Faherty

With over more than a decade of experience, Davey has made things happens with clients large and small - small businesses, multinational corporations, and startups at every stage of maturity.

Specialising in front-end development and user experience design, he can help larger projects with those precise requirements, as much as he can help smaller projects who need the full range of his broad digital skill-set.

Louise Faherty on LinkedIn

Louise Faherty

As well as project management for Calcium, Louise's commercial experience is centered on website localisation. This includes: translation workflow management, machine translation systems and other language assets and extensive localisation testing. Louise is your guide to getting to your products into the hands of the customers you want, in the language they speak.

Day to day, Louise ensures efficient delivery of projects in Calcium and will keep you informed and involved over the life-cycle of your project.