Front-end Development

Front-end Collaboration

If there's a gap in your project where a senior front-end dev needs to be, Davey is available to help. We can choose the level of involvement that's right for you. That could be start-to-finish development with handover at the end, or it could be setting up a project structure that your junior devs can follow, and providing them with occasional guidance or code review.

Other jobs considered would be adding a feature to an existing project, refactoring or upgrading to latest libraries, or adding new capabilities to a project, such as making it a desktop-only design responsive to other devices.

Rebranding and reskinning

If you're happy with everything about your project except for how it looks, we can make that change for you. This could mean a custom theme for your Wordpress site, updating the look of your online store, or even changing the look of a custom project by modifying source files.

Whatever your requirements, we will proceed with due care, and you'll get to fully evaluate a working copy of your project before your customers see any changes - nothing goes live until everything is right.

Web Prototypes

Sometimes you don't know if a product idea will work until you see it in front of you. Technical specifications and functional requirements are valuable but they don't tell you what it will be like to use.

Combine a web prototype with mocked data to get a better idea of how your product will actually work, and share it any place you see fit, no need for proprietary software, anyone with a browser can tell you what they think.

If appropriate for your project, a web prototype can be delivered "plug and play" - just swap about the fake API endpoints with the real ones when they're ready and you have a first iteration of your product.

Electron Applications

If you need to get a desktop application to market fast and you're not at the stage where separate development of Windows and Mac versions are justifiable in your budget, Electron apps are something to consider. They're developed a lot like a website but have the level of interoperability you'd expect of a native application.

They're not always a compromise either - if you've used Slack or Spotify, you're already using an Electron app.